5 Questions With Christine King


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  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what led you to your profession?
    I was raised in Rhode Island and moved to South Florida in 1997. In July of 1996, a traumatic jet-ski accident left me with a broken back. While being pulled from the water, I repeatedly said, “I cannot feel my legs,” and knew I’d never walk again. The irony is, six months before the accident I was vigorously training for the Miss Fitness USA Contest. My injuries included an explosion of the lower lumbar vertebrae. The doctors couldn’t say if I’d ever walk again. During emergency surgery, bone was taken from my hip to replace what had burst in my back. Two rods, four pins and a cross bar were implanted to hold my back together.
    Post-surgery, doctors announced the operation was a success. Although my back was repaired, the extent of nerve damage and internal injuries was still unknown. They couldn’t say whether or not I’d walk again, however, they did said I didn’t die due to my superior physical condition pre-accident. During a rigorous rehabilitation, I started to regain feeling in my legs and began the slow process of learning how to stand with a walker and eventually take my first steps. After realizing the importance of being fit, I decided to dedicate my life to helping others understand how critical fitness is to life! During several months of rehabilitation, I studied for and became nationally certified by the American Council on Exercise, and achieved the Post-Rehabilitative and Medical Exercise Specialist designation from the American Academy of Health Fitness and Rehab Professionals.
    This life-changing accident propelled me to educate the world about the importance of developing healthier lifestyles – and YourBestFit was founded in January 1997.
  2. Your company is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Share with us the services you have grown to provide.
    YourBestFit is a full-service health and wellness company providing fitness, massage therapy, nutrition, and design & management services for individuals, private clubs, luxury communities, and corporations. Our team is comprised of highly skilled, certified and degreed fitness, rehabilitation, medical exercise, wellness and massage therapy professionals committed to providing clients and facilities with what’s been missing in the past – visible results. We offer Fitness: personal training, post-rehabilitation and medical exercise, group exercise, and golf conditioning programs; Massage Therapy: including Swedish, sports, deep-tissue, and CranioSacral; Nutrition: identifying lifestyle changes to help clients achieve goals and easily integrate into daily life; and Fitness Center Design & Management: Design, renovate, manage, and staff fitness centers for private country and golf clubs, bath & tennis clubs, private residential communities and corporate environments.
  3. How can Delray Beach residents experience YourBestFit?
    The YourBestFit Team provides group classes, private training, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and more! Our team can be found in private homes, clubs, corporations, the Delray Beach Community Center, Mount Olive Church, The Volen Center, fitness center environments and other locations. Please call 561.866.9068 for information.
  4. What is your favorite work out and why?
    I love a functional workout using the entire body. I begin with compound movements and work down to specific areas of concentration which need extra attention. Most people don’t realize their areas of weakness or injury need to be carefully exercised twice as much as someone who doesn’t have that limitation. I use all of the fun toys including stability and medicine balls, hand weights, rubber tubing, cables and balance tools. My cardio is in the pool which allows me a great heart workout without the hard impact on my back and legs.
  5. Tell us something about yourself that isn’t commonly known, like a hobby you’re interested in, a cause you support, some fun facts.
    I love to cook…anything! Filet mignon with béarnaise, lasagna, short ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, swordfish, vegetable soups, always a variety. Italians (yes I am) just “throw stuff in the pot.,” I don’t measure or fully follow recipes. The smell and flavor tell me what more is needed to make it taste fabulous! Also, I never forget special treats are allowed! The freezer is our friend so leftovers are wrapped and frozen for future use!