Beauty brief: Hottest trends from the International Spa Association


By Christine King

Published November 15, 2016, Boca Newspaper | Delray Newspaper

Yes, I took the hit for you and attended the world’s largest spa conference, ISPA. It was tough sampling the globe’s most amazing beauty and wellness products and services, however, I was on a mission to educate South Florida about the industry’s best trends.
ISPA represents health and wellness facilities and providers in more than 70 countries so I had my work cut out for me. Overall product highlights included: Boosters, Lifters, Line Erasers, and Organic and Vegan creations. About 90 percent of the skin care, cosmetic, and nail product lines were either organic, vegan or both. The newest rage in the industry, “eye lifters” were also showcased by many product lines.
The theme of the show was “Innovate.” I spoke with Todd Shaw, ISPA Chairman, about how innovation was applied this year by both the organization and its participants. He said, “ISPA and the spa industry continue to strive for innovation and providing the consumer with what they demand. As challenges are thrown our way, it’s how we respond that determines our future.” I can personally attest to the vast array of products delivering to society’s quest for youthful looking skin.
A special highlight was visiting Babor’s “Relaxation Room.” In 2014 the German based company opened its U.S. headquarters in Delray Beach. The experience was like a beauty candy store. Ben Simpson, Senior VP of Marketing said,”Instead of a typical trade show booth, BABOR offered ISPA attendees a play, touch, feel, experience centered around BABOR’s iconic, results-driven beauty ampoules.” The ampoules are fabulous little treasures filled with products ranging from hydrating, lifting and vitamin serums. He continues {our} “BABOR Beauty Experts personalized a seven-piece set of BABOR AMPOULE CONCENTRATES specifically selected to target each attendees unique beauty concerns – hand packed in a modern, metal travel case.” Let me tell you, they are fabulous.
South Floridians will also be pleased to learn that Babor’s 12,000-square-foot headquarters uses green electricity. Their website states hey are “committed to the environment and to nature conservation.” Their creed also includes “A heart for animals. Respect for nature also means respect for living creatures. Animal experiments remain an absolute taboo for us.”
In addition to the glitz and glamor, the conference included three renowned keynote speakers; Brené Brown, John Ondrasik and Simon Sinek who provided us with their expertise in leadership, self-care, team building and strategies for providing our clients with the best possible experience.
There’s much more to share about groundbreaking advances in all areas of beauty and wellness so stay tuned as I sprinkle them in upcoming issues.
Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder & CEO of YourBestFit. The health and wellness company has helped thousands of clients recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall well-being.