by Carole Brody Fleet What do you do when bad things invade your life or the lives of those you love? How do you move forward? How do you even begin to recover? What does your future look like, especially when it is most likely not...

NewSkyLogo Christine was recently asked to come back to CBS' SkyRadio with host Jane Wilkens Micheal for her show "Better Than Before".

Let's Get Physical

Climb the Better Than Before lifestyle ladder to stay fit forever By: Jane Wilkens Michael—posted January 4, 2013 The headline in one of the New York newspapers the other day announced that America is going wide. And, no, they weren’t referring to Eli Manning’s passes down the sidelines. Apparently, despite all of the baby Boomers’ emphasis on fitness, according to the Gallup Poll’s most recent Health and Healthcare survey, on average, men’s ideal weight is up 14

Having a hard time living up to the promise you made in early December to resist the myriad of mouth-watering treats that pop up during the holiday season? Whether you could use some help navigating social events or dealing with the tray of sugar cookies a co-worker planted in the break room, try these getting-back-on-track strategies from fitness expert Christine King of Your Best Fit:

All the preparations and festivities of the holiday season can wreak havoc on one’s exercise routine. Add to this a shrinking amount of daylight and colder temperatures in many parts of the country, and the temptation can be strong to skip the gym until after the calendar turns. However, we all know that

Fast-food lunches,vending machine snacks, cake for yet another co-worker's birthday - the office isn't always the easiest environment in which to lose weight.  Despite these temptations, some workers have found ways to shed pounds with the help of their colleagues.  Consider these three real-life cases:

Christine King, President of Your Best Fit Inc. was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. “I’ve been doing business in Delray Beach for 16 years and I’m honored to serve on this board.  Our business community is experiencing change and it is with great pleasure that

By: Christine King & Nancy Reagan published in the May 2012 issue of Atlantic Avenue Magazine Under direction of Christine King from Your Best Fit and Nancy Reagan, TLS Weight Loss Coach from Bella Reina Spa, these two women set out on a journey that will forever bond them and change their lifestyle. The journey started