Are You Cheating? Five ways to cover up your dirty little secrets


By Christine King

Published September 26, 2016, Delray Newspaper | Boca Newspaper

Do you tell your partner you’re “working late,” but you’re really at a bar drinking and eating greasy sliders & fries?
Is an afternoon rendezvous for you sneaking out to the local ice cream store?
Is your idea of a quickie running through the fast food drive thru?
You’re not alone! Everyone cheats at some point. It becomes a real problem however, when you begin sneaking around and your once a week treat becomes a train wreck of trysts all over town.
Whether or not you’ve been busted there’s still a way out. Confess, Repent and Regroup, even if it’s with you! My staff and I tell people every day “It doesn’t matter that you got off track, what matters is that you get back on track.”
This holds true for both your dietary habits and exercise. Begin the same way you started…slowly Don’t think you can pick up where you left off prior to turning to the dark side. Here are some helpful remedies:
1. Begin planning weekly meals. You can very easily convert the greasy sliders into a healthier version with ground turkey, lean steak and even fish. Preparation is the only way to truly succeed in breaking ties with your other lover. No one has a desire to return to lettuce and chicken. Be adventurous and experiment with new recipes.
2. Spice things up! Seasoning goes a long way in making food taste delicious. Cooking baked fries or any dish for that matter with lots of herbs and spices helps to curb the urge to cheat.
3. Cut back on the amount of dairy but allow yourself a special treat of low fat/low sugar frozen yogurt once a week. You’ll find that you really don’t even miss it once you’re back on track.
4. Resume your activities at a lower level. If you go full on you’ll experience significant soreness which leads to needing days off and you know where that puts you…back to the dark side! Decrease the amount of resistance and reduce cardio time. Muscle has memory so your strength and endurance will rapidly improve.
5. Mix things up! Give some thought to what led you to cheat. Were you bored with the same routine? Was it not enjoyable? No satisfaction or sense of satiety? Then it’s time for a new flavor! Experiment with a variety of fitness classes. Seek guidance from a Professional Personal Trainer. Just don’t fall back into the humdrum that got you here in the first place.
Digging out of this is easier than you think. Think about how you looked and felt while you were living healthy. More energy, a clear mind and no guilt. You can do this.
Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and Founder/CEO of Your Best Fit Inc. She and her team have helped thousands of people recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall wellbeing. She can be reached at