Golf Conditioning

Golf Conditioning Pic

Do you want to hit the ball farther with more power, stability and strength?

Need help to improve flexibility, set-up posture, endurance and decrease your risk of injury to help you play at a higher level and enjoy golf for many more years (and win more $$ on the course)?

 Now is the time to address these issues with a results oriented Group Golf Conditioning Program.

 This 30 minute program improves the games of all levels of golfers.  Your improvement is seen in the following areas: Rotation from your upper spine

  • Elongating the rotational muscles
  • Disassociation between the upper and lower body
  • A good foundation for putting
  • Dynamic and explosive movements
  • Synchronization of arms with the body
  • Coiling drills
  • More speed and power in your golf swing


Increased Distance ~ Improved Accuracy ~

Prevent Injuries ~ Stay in Shape

Program runs once per week for 6 consecutive weeks beginning

Tuesday, October 8 at 5:15 pm.

 Fee is $120 for six week program.

To register please call:  561-866-9068.

 In addition to this group program we also offer customized training in a one-on-one setting