Life after CrossFit is life, only better: Part Two


By Christine King

Published August 3, 2016, Delray Newspaper | Boca Newspaper

A properly educated, certified Fitness Professional carefully progresses the client during each visit (for both private and group sessions) so muscles, bones and connective tissue are given the proper adaptation time for this new thing you’re doing called “exercise.”
All of the science and studies we’ve poured over for years in order to provide comprehensive, safe and effective exercise has been thrown out the window by the box. Their website reads “To reap the greatest benefits from CrossFit, you have to be willing to push yourself, to be uncomfortable, to suffer for reward.” Many in the CrossFit community also tell you that injury is a normal part of the training process. Nonsense.
In addition to musculoskeletal injuries, CrossFit workouts are associated with rhabdomyolysis. This occurs when the intensity of your work out breaks down muscle fibers and releases their cells into the bloodstream, leading to kidney failure and even death. Yet a CrossFit mascot is a scary looking clown lovingly referred to as “Uncle Rhabdo.”
The box’s website continues to explain rhabdomyolysis by disclosing “A few exercises that CrossFit prescribes, done in excess (100+ reps, etc.), can and has caused this condition.”
After a brief warm-up, one CrossFit workout begins with 100 squats, adding progressive weight after every 10 reps. No qualified Fitness Professional would ask a client perform 100 squats during their first session; with or without weight!
Another coveted box mascot is “Pukey” the clown. A celebrated workout goal includes vomiting or lifting weights until you pee.
Scientific studies including the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, reveal that 73.5 percent of CrossFitters sustain injuries that prevent them from carrying out everyday activities.
An Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine study determined that 19.4 percent of CrossFit participants sustained an injury. Shoulder and lower back injuries ranked the highest.
Ok, just one more among many… Written on CrossFit website: June 8, 2016
“Warning: Reducing intensity can be habit forming. Please consult your CrossFit trainer immediately”
In summation, the box tells the member that reducing intensity equals immediate failure and punishment.
In order to live your life, only better a professional consult is an absolute necessity. Guidance on your individual situation is essential in order for you to implement the most safe and effective program without injury.
Including health and wellness in your life needs to be enjoyable, reasonable, safe and result driven. Working out to the vomit stage is not an option. Attaining your goals using the safest, most effective and fun methods fulfill your needs using a holistic approach.
After all upon last check, we’re not super heroes…we’re human.
Christine King is a Medical Exercise Specialist, Fitness Expert, and President/CEO of Your Best Fit Inc. She and her team have helped thousands of people recover from injuries, look and feel better and improve their overall wellbeing. She can be reached at