Three Months, Two Women, One Goal

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The system works because of the education, the supervision and the accountability. Nancy Hurd said “It took the combination of nutrition and exercise to make such a dramatic change in my weight, strength and general health.  After trying a lot of avenues, at the end of the day it really did come down to diet and exercise…just like we’ve always heard.  The nutrition provided the building blocks for the exercise to be effective and make such a difference.  Now I realize one without the other is only “half a loaf”…it takes both.” The results from this system are more than these two women could have ever hoped. Nancy had a total loss of 36 inches and has dropped over 45 pounds.  She also dropped 50 points off her cholesterol and her triglycerides dropped by half!  Kimberly dropped 6% body fat and over 18 inches. More than the lost inches and pounds is the knowledge that they are taking with them for their new healthy lifestyle.  Learning how to exercise when you have never touched a dumbbell before can be intimidating.  Learning how to eat the right foods at the right time of day can be a real challenge when you have crazy, hectic schedules. During the 12 weeks, of course, life got in the way, with both women experiencing major business and personal challenges that would have made it easy to quit.  Both women supported each other, spoke daily and provided emotional encouragement so, neither could quit or veer off track.  Not only does the system work but so does the “buddy” system.


Nancy told us that “I’ve dropped 3 sizes and expect to drop at least one more to reach my goal.  I didn’t think I’d ever see those sizes again and this program enabled me to realize the dream!  I’ve gained back some self-esteem with the success I’ve had; it feels so good to “feel good”.” “I feel and look better than I have in the past few years”, said Kimberly when asked how the fitness and nutrition program changed her life. If these two business leaders can accomplish these amazing results, how can you achieve the same?  Knowledge is power and learning to change your lifestyle will forever provide you with the tools to get healthy, stay healthy, and create the body that you have always wanted.  Even if you don’t think it is possible, Nancy and Kimberly are proof that anyone can do this with the right coaches, the right raining and the never-ending support. Christine’s mantra is “Do what you never thought possible”, while Nancy’s is “Keep the faith and achieve your goal one step at a time”.  The business partnership attests to the success of this program.  If you want to achieve a new, healthy lifestyle, contact Your Best fit at 561-866-9068 or email Nancy at