Top 10 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holidays!

Try these 10 simple tips to help you stay fit during the busy holidays!

  1. Make your fitness program reasonable, otherwise you’ll never stick to it.  Reasonable means you’ll be able to add to it with no problem and triple your results as you become accustomed to the “reasonable” version.
  2. Cut the Carbs.  In a perfect world, six meals each day should include a lean protein and a healthy carb.  An example would be an egg and asparagus, apple with almond butter, chicken with vegetable of your choice, etc.  Basically the carb should be a fruit or veggie.  But the world is not perfect so if you need to throw in a whole wheat here or there that’s fine.  Keep it simple.
  3. Fitness is easy if you have 30 seconds.  At your desk, sit and stand from your chair as many times as you can in 30 seconds.  Do this at least three times per day.  Do you realize this is 60-90 squats per day.  That’s great exercise to get your metabolism going and to burn calories!
  4. Water.  Drink ½ your  body weight in water.  No exceptions.  During the day drink water temperature water so that you can fit it in.  Your stomach will not allow anything to leave until it’s heated to body temperature.  Before meals drink two glasses of cold water to fill up your tummy so that you eat less!
  5. Use headphones with an extension so that you can walk around the office while on a call. You’ll have more energy & burn more calories every day.
  6. If possible eat lunch at your desk during non-lunch time and use your lunch break to take a walk.
  7. Eat before you go to the Holiday party.  If you drink the two glasses of cold water & have a small healthy meal you’ll be less apt to eat the bad stuff!
  8. Write down your goals.  It’s a proven fact that if you write it down you’re more likely to stick to it!
  9. Look in the mirror.  You’ve made your decisions, written down your goals and now all you have to do is DO IT!  When you look in your eyes in the mirror you only have one person to answer to, YOU!
  10. You’re not perfect, no one is.  The most important part of this entire process is that you try your best to stay on track.  If you get off track it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you GET BACK ON TRACK!  Then you’ll be back on the path to really see and achieve the body you’ve always wanted.