Water Works!

Water is a huge factor in weight loss.  Drinking two large glasses of ice water prior to eating will help you to eat less. The stomach does not allow anything to exit prior to being heated to body temperature.  This means the water keeps the stomach full and you’ll eat less food.  Continuing to hydrate throughout the day will assist with that “full” feeling.  Water also is key in the elimination process.  It will help to keep your bowels regular and you’ll avoid that bloating feeling that makes you feel heavier. Another reason to drink water is because sometimes hunger can be confused for thirst.  Try drinking those delicious two glasses of water and see if you’re still hungry.  Chances are you were just thirsty.  Also, before having that cocktail full of calories you should also down a glass of that magic water.  Being thirsty will cause you to down the first adult beverage too fast and then have another, adding to your daily caloric count. Also, dehydration contributes to fatigue.  If you’re tired you don’t feel like exercising or being active at all. Not burning as many calories throughout the day as you can will defeat you dropping the lb’s.  So among the numerous benefits of drinking water it will absolutely help you in your efforts to lose weight. Water also helps to maintain healthy skin.  The body is comprised of 70% water.  Dry skin is a sign that you’re not drinking enough water.  Water is also the conduit to deliver key nutrients to the skin to help it look supple and healthy.  Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body.  Toxins can contribute to clogged pores and acne.  Drinking the essential eight glasses of water or more each day will help to keep your skin clear!